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October 16, 2019

OSPOM in a rescue operation

ASSISTANCE end-user partner OSPOM (Ochotnicza Straż Pożarna w Ożarowie Mazowieckim) together with local Police has recently perfomed a rescue operation of a 86-year old woman who went lost during mushroom picking. Drone used in the operation helped to quickly search the vast less overgrown terrain between corn fields and along the river and drainage canals, which allowed to narrow the search and direct forces to other places with a concentrated number of rescuers and policemen. The drone was equipped only with a color camera. The action showed that an IR camera, speaker and microphone would be useful for communication. There were also no glasses for previewing the image. An amphibian hawkweed was also used in the action, which allowed to penetrate the most difficult terrain faster. Overall, the equipment allowed to shorten the time of operation and to accelerate the actions, which definitely contributed to the success of saving of the 86-year-old woman.

More information (for Polish-speaking viewers) can be found here.