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  • D1.1     Project management handbook
  • D1.2     Data Management Plan
  • D1.3     Risk & Opportunities Register 1
  • D1.4     Risk & Opportunities Register 2
  • D1.5     Risk & Opportunities Register 3
  • D1.6     First Annual Management Report
  • D2.1     Desk-Research Analysis and Identification of SA and Training Tools
  • D2.2     User Requirements Specification
  • D2.3     ASSISTANCE Reference Scenarios and Pilot Experiments specifications
  • D2.4     ASSISTANCE System and Network Architecture Design
  • D3.2     Sensor Abstraction Service Implementation
  • D3.3     Robust Mobile Communications
  • D4.1     Adapted unmanned platforms
  • D4.2     UAVs integrated into the system
  • D4.3     Robots integrated into the system
  • D4.4     Wearable Sensors integrated into the system
  • D4.6     Mission planner
  • D5.1     ASSISTANCE SA platform adaptation
  • D5.2     ASSISTANCE SA advanced modules development
  • D5.3     Robust Land Mobile Communications Infrastructure Development
  • D5.4     Final SA Platform Integration
  • D6.1     Training methodologies and evaluation criteria definition
  • D6.2     Training curricula development and scheduling
  • D6.3     Training scenarios and VR platforms setup 
  • D6.4     Training network establishment & pilots’ evaluation
  • D7.1     Validation Plan Report
  • D7.2     Integrated System Test bed
  • D7.3     First Pilot Summary Report and System Development
  • D7.4     Second Pilot Summary Report and System Development
  • D7.5     Third Pilot Summary Report and System Development
  • D7.6     Evaluation Report
  • D8.1     Report on the relevant legal EU framework and assessment of the ethical impact
  • D8.2     Progress report on Gender Dimension Strategy GDS
  • D8.3     Progress report on Human Factor in ASSISTANCE impact assessment
  • D8.4     Report on Gender Dimension Strategy GDS
  • D8.5     Report on data protection, privacy & ethical impact
  • D8.6     Best practices Handbook
  • D8.7     Human Factor impact assessment
  • D9.1     Project website
  • D9.2     Updated Exploitation and Dissemination plan
  • D9.3     Mid-term Dissemination Report
  • D9.4     Research data management, Open Data and Open Access strategy
  • D9.5     Final Dissemination Report
  • D9.6     PCP and PPI preparation Plan for Commercialisation and Market Entry