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Nowadays different FRs organizations cooperate together facing large and complex disasters, that in some cases can be amplified due to new threats such as the climate change in case of natural disasters (e.g.big floods, large wild fires, etc) or the increase of radicalization in case of man-made disasters (e.g. arsonist that burn European forest, big combined terrorist attacks in European cities).

The impact of these kinds of large disasters could have disastrous consequences for the European Member States’regions and social wellbeing in general. Moreover, each type of FRs organizations (e.g. medical emergency services, firefighters’ departments, law enforcement teams, civil protection professionals, etc.) that respond to these kinds of events are exposed to unexpected dangers or newthreats that can severely affect their personal integrity. 

To address these problems, ASSISTANCE proposes a holistic solution that will adapt a well-tested SA application as a core of a wider SA platform, capable of offering different configuration modes for providing the tailored information outcome needed by each FR organization, while they work together mitigating the disaster (e.g. real time video and resources location for firefighters, evacuation routes status for emergency health services and so on).

With this solution, ASSISTANCE will enhance the FRs SA during their mitigation activities through the integration of new paradigms, tools and technologies with the main objective of increasing both their protection and their efficiency

ASSISTANCE project will use UAVs, Smart wearable sensors, Robots and drones’ swarms equipped with specific sensors for covering the FRs specific data needs (e.g.real time video, persons and objects location, evacuation routes status, ad-hoc network coverage, etc.). The sensors mounted on the unmanned platforms along with the ones mounted on the FRs’equipment will be integrated in a complete SA platform that will also include innovative modules that will improve the FRs SA and capabilities for performing their work in amore efficient and secure manner. Additional capabilities for using drones as active FRs’ tools, instead of only as unmanned platforms for mounting sensors, will be also developed. 

More over, ASSISTANCE proposes to create an advanced European training network based on the use of Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR)for increasing the FR’s capabilities accordingto their current training needs This advanced training network development willinclude tailored curricula design, immersive interfaces, adapted training methodology definition, virtual scenarios, etc. 

All developments performed in ASSISTANCE will be done in compliance with European societal values, fundamental rights, privacy, personal data protection, gender and societal aspects (e.g.perception of security, possible effects of technological solutionson societal resilience, gender diversity).