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September 3, 2020

FASTER project teleconference

On August 31, 2020, ASSISTANCE partner ŁUKASIEWICZ-PIAP participated in an introductory teleconference of the H2020 project FASTER, which addresses the challenges associated with the protection of First Responders in hazardous environments, while at the same time enhancing their capabilities in terms of situational awareness and communication. ŁUKASIEWICZ-PIAP was invited to take part in the teleconference by its organiser – a Polish end-user entity, the Police Academy in Szczytno – in order to intiate the collaboration between ASSISTANCE and FASTER.

The teleconference was aimed at presenting the FASTER project to representatives of First Responders and Crisis Management organisations and it was attended by representatives of many Polish practictioner organisations: the Police Academy in Szczytno, the Police Training Center in Legionowo, the Police School in Słupsk, the Police School in Katowice, the Department for Combating Terror Acts of the Central Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Professional Training KSP in Warsaw, the Central Counter-Terrorist Police Unit “BOA”, Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw, Training Center of the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Olsztyn, County Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Szczytno, County Hospital in Szczytno, Foundation “Autrimpus”.  Apart from the discussion on the FASTER project objectives a role-game simulating a terrorist attack at school was conducted.

ASSISTANCE was briefly introduced to the participants by ŁUKASIEWICZ-PIAP’s representative during the teleconference and the all the practitioners organisations were invited to join the ASSISTANCE End-user Group.