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December 15, 2020

First version of the ASSISTANCE Evacuation Management Suite

ASSISTANCE partner Universidad de Cantabria (UC) has published an overview of the  first version of the Evacuation Module developed in the project.

The GIDAI group at the UC has been undertaking intensive research, technology transfer and training activities in the field of human behaviour in emergency conditions and fire science for the last 20 years. This research group is a national and international referent in safety science thanks to research, innovation and dissemination activities carried out to improve safety in society.
UC-GIDAI has developed a R&D line with more than 50 research projects devoted to Fire Safety and Evacuation Management. The research group is renowned for its contribution to evacuation studies through experimental research on human behaviour and the development of specialized computer models.

Presentation (movie) of the first version of the ASSISTANCE Evacuation Module is available here.