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June 30, 2022

Succesful Final Pilot Demonstration in Linares

ASSISTANCE Final Pilot Demonstration was held on Friday, 17 June 2022 and it was hosted by Ministerio del Interior – Policia Nacional at the ‘La Enira’ Police training site near Linares in Spain. The event has been organised by FADA-CATEC in cooperation with UPVLC and attended by all partners.

The whole demonstration session has encompassed five days, starting with technical and organisational preparations, VR training sessions for end-users and a dry run on the day before the final event.

Despite the extreme weather conditions in Linares (outdoor temperature over 41C), the event was performed successfully owing to the effort of the organisers and dedication of the participating partners.

The ASSISTANCE system has been tested in a terrorist attack scenario centred around a terrorist command composed by three well trained terrorists equipped with explosive jackets, AK47 machine guns and a drone, conducting an attack in the centre of Seville during the main summer festival of the city. All ASSISTANCE technologies have been validated and the tools and components with the capabilities they offer to the First Responders have been demonstrated and evaluated by the practitioners.

Additionally, ETRA led an exploitation event during the Final Pilot Demonstration. Several first responder organisations were invited to the event to raise awareness about ASSISTANCE solutions, including Valencian Local Police (also representing the RESPOND-A project) and SSG group – the largest ambulance service in Spain.